How do I create an account with ACMT?

Click here and follow the instructions to sign up with a new account.

I am a member of ACMT. Do I have to create a new login to access this platform?

No. Your login information is the same as the one you use to access the Member Center on ACMT’s website.

I am having trouble logging in. What do I do?

If you are experiencing any login issues, first try clearing your browser’s history – both cookies and cache – in your browser’s settings. Taking this step will ensure that you are viewing the most updated version of our website and solves 90% of login issues. For info on how to clear your cache, click here. If, after clearing your cache, you are still having login issues, please write to us at: events@acmt.net

Do I have to be an ACMT Member to take a course?

No. ACMT offers many courses and educational materials for non-members, and you can browse all the content in our catalog. You will need to create a free ACMT profile to register for a webinar or course, or watch an on-demand recording. However, certain webinars, including National Case Conference, Journal Club, and Grand Rounds are exclusive to ACMT members. 

Where do I find the courses I have registered for?

Go to your “Dashboard”. You will find all upcoming events and on-demand courses that you have registered for on the dashboard. Then select the product you’re looking for to join the live event, watch the on-demand recording, or access its contents, including slides, post-tests, and certificates.

How do I register for a course or webinar?

You must first have an account to register. Then click on the webinar or course you are interested in and click the green “Register” button.

Does ACMT offer any free courses?

Yes. We offer free, monthly webinars (found by searching Live Webinar or On-Demand Webinar). Our podcasts and select lectures are also free. Some of our free content is only accessible by ACMT Members while others are open and free for the wider public.

If you have any additional questions that were not answered above, please reach out to us via email at events@acmt.net.