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National Case Conference - June 2023
Cases coming soon!
Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism - June 2023
June 14, 2023
Radiological Emergency Medical Management - June 2023
June 13, 2023
Chemical and Radiological Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism - June 2023
June 13-14, 2023
National Grand Rounds - June 2023
Sporadic ALS: Search for Environmental Etiology
Pathways to Building and Sustaining a Medical Toxicology Practice - On-Demand
On-Demand Course
ACMT DEA MATE Act Substance Use Disorder Educational Package
4 separate activities which satisfy the eight-hour education requirement issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to meet the conditions of the MATE Act.
DEA MATE - Activity 2 - Substance Use Screening and Treatment Approach in the ED – Opioids
Highlights from the ACMT SAHMSA curriculum focused on Opioids
DEA MATE - Activity 3 - Substance Use Screening and Treatment Approach in the ED – Non-Opioids
Highlights from the ACMT SAHMSA curriculum focused on Non-Opioids
National Case Conference - May 2023
1. A 22-year-old man with a history of ADHD and mood disorder has a seizure at home after taking extra quantities of his antidepressant with the intent to get high. An ECG on ED arrival reveals the following: HR, 150 bpm; QRS, 105 ms; QT, 290 ms; QTc, 375 ms. 2. A 30-year old-man is "found down" with a suspected opioid overdose. A fentanyl screen in the ED is positive and a finger stick glucose reads ‘low.’ 3. ​A 77-year-old man drinks an unknown liquid from a sports drink bottle found in his garage and shortly thereafter experiences intractable vomiting. A point of care test done in the ED reveals the likely diagnosis.
National Journal Club - May 2023
This month's articles will be reviewed by the NYU Medical Toxicology Fellowship Program.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - May 2023
Safe Consumption/OD Prevention Sites Field Work and Perspectives
DEA MATE - Activity 4 - Highlights from Addiction Toxicology Case Conferences
Highlights from the ACMT/ASAM Addiction Toxicology Webinar Series
ACMT Highlights Tox-in-Ten: Episode 46
ACMT members Gillian Beauchamp, MD, and Elizabeth (Elissa) Moore, DO deliver evidence-based medical toxicology core content and trending topics in easily digestible bites. Visit toxinten.com and follow on Twitter @toxinten.
National Case Conference - April 2023
1. A 55-year-old woman presents with persistent nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after taking a weight loss supplement that she purchased online. She arrives to the ED with the following vital signs: HR 73, BP 135/75, RR 24, SaO2 98% RA. Shortly after, her HR begins to drop into the 40s. 2. A 42-year-old man with a history of pituitary macroadenoma excision complicated by CSF leak returns to the ED five days later with encephalopathy and oliguric renal failure. 3. A 24-year-old man with a history of Crohn’s disease, depression, hypertension, and erectile dysfunction comes to the ED with sweating, tremors, “muscle tightening”, rapid heart rate (130s) starting 1-1/2 h after using a tanning product.
PFAS What Clinicians Should Know
This enduring activity is designed to increase knowledge and change competency of Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances, PFAS (forever chemicals) practices, and strategies.
National Grand Rounds - April 2023
Toxicological Information Resources at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - April 2023
Tricks of the Trade Follow-Up
2023 ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting - On-Demand
Watch recordings of the talks and panels from #ACMT2023. Get access to the slides and posters!
DEA MATE - Activity 1 - Clinical Updates on Substance Use Disorder
Highlights from 2022 and 2023 ACMT Annual Scientific Meetings
2023 ACMT Symposium - On-Demand
Self-Harm, Suicidality, and the Poisoned Patient: The Intersection of Toxicology and Mental Health