Register for the 2024 BRC below. Registration for this course includes Continuing Education credits. Registration does NOT include print items like the print slide book or print flashcards. If these print materials are something you're interested in receiving, you can add them on for an additional fee.

2024 ACMT Board Review Course
On-Demand Prep Course for MedTox Certification Exam

About the BRC

The 2024 ACMT Board Review Course is back with an innovative twist for your learning experience! This online course is designed to prepare all examinees for the biennial certification examination in Medical Toxicology administered by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). Led by prominent experts in the field of medical toxicology, you will receive a broad overview of the scope of the specialty and a detailed perspective into current clinical and public health toxicological issues.

Register today! Access to course content begins: June 1, 2024

What's new this year:

  • Dynamic blended learning structure
  • Early and flexible access
  • Content update

The Flipped Classroom Advantage

Get prepared for the ABEM certification exam with our new Flipped Classroom format - the ultimate fusion of convenience, flexibility, and interactivity. In a departure from conventional learning approaches, our Flipped Classroom (a blended learning format) will give you access to a comprehensive array of 30+ meticulously curated on-demand lectures encompassing the entire spectrum of medical toxicology. This enriched content will be at your disposal June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025, empowering you to proceed with your studies at a pace that aligns with your commitments.

Interactive Cram Sessions

In addition to the autonomous learning, prepare to be part of 7 live, interactive cram sessions throughout the summer and early fall. Focused on 4-5 core topics, these power-packed sessions are your golden ticket to in-depth insights, key takeaways, and invaluable Q&A with our experts.

Unparalleled Lectures

Our top-notch speakers are ready to guide you through each lecture, ensuring you grasp every critical concept. Immerse yourself in a learning journey with lectures that drill down into each aspect of the Medical Toxicology Core Content including:

Alcohols & GlycolsDrugs of Abuse & Withdrawal
Pediatric Toxicity
Analytics & ForensicsEndocrine
Anesthetics, NMBs & Muscle RelaxantsEpidemiology & Population HealthPharmaco & Toxicokinetics
Poisonous Plants
Aquatic ToxicityHerbals, Vitamins & Supplements
Reproductive & Developmental Tox
Cardiovascular ToxinsInhalational Toxins & Asphyxiants
Statistical Measures
ChemotherapeuticsMetals & Metalloids
Terrestrial Toxicity
Classic Toxicology
Miscellaneous Toxins
The Toxic House
Clinical Drug Testing & DiagnosticsMushrooms & Fungal ToxinsWarfare/Terrorism
Dermatology & PathologyNeurotoxins & Anticonvulsants

Interactive Cram Session Dates

Mark your calendars for 7 Interactive Cram Sessions - Fridays from 12-1pm ET:

June 14, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #1 
June 28, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #2
July 12, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #3
July 26, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #4
Aug 9, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #5
August 23, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #6
September 6, 2024 - Interactive Cram Session #7

Study Resources

When you register for this course, we'll arm you with an arsenal of study resources. Dive into the Quiz Bank to put your knowledge to the test, flip through flashcards for rapid-fire revision, and explore visual stimuli to enhance your understanding. The ACMT Board Review Course includes:

Study Materials: slides, handouts, and supplementary materials 
Flashcards: 350+ flashcards to help you study keywords and concepts
Quiz Bank: 925 sample questions on a variety of toxicological topics. Try out the new Mock Exam to help you prepare for certification!

Prefer studying with hardcopies? For an additional fee, we have print versions of the Study Materials and Flashcards that we can ship directly to your home or office.

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Continuing Education

Enduring Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for this activity is provided by AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare. These credits are included in the registration fee (no additional cost). To receive continuing medical education credits, learners must watch all the on-demand lectures. CE is only available for the enduring, on-demand content, not for the interactive cram sessions. 

The accreditation of this activity is valid until May 31, 2025. It will not be possible to receive CE for this course after this date.


According to ABEM policy, the planning committee and faculty for this course are not allowed to have intimate knowledge of the exam or write exam questions. The content of this course is based on the expertise of ACMT members, who are specialists in Medical Toxicology, but who do not have direct knowledge of the exam content. While the study materials, including the Lectures and Quiz Bank, are based on years of collective experience from the planning committee and ACMT membership, we do not guarantee that this course fully represents the exam content.


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