On-Demand Total Tox Course - Full Course Package

On-Demand Total Tox Course - Full Course Package

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The ACMT Total Tox Course is a comprehensive review of the scope of emergency toxicology and includes cutting-edge interventions and management options for poisoned patients. Lead by prominent experts in medical toxicology and emergency medicine, this three section course focuses on medical toxicology topics of interest to emergency providers, including toxicological issues of current clinical and public health importance. Learners will be presented with state-of-the-art updates on the evaluation and initial management of poisoning and exposure to medications, drugs of abuse, chemical terrorism, and environmental toxins. The three sections are: 

Target Audience:

Professionals who would be interested in this course include: Physicians, Pharmacists, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Medics, EMTs, SPIs, Laboratorians, Poison Center Educators, First Responders, Operational or Tactical Specialists, Residents and Students.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop an evidence-based approach to evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of acutely poisoned patients.

  • Discuss cutting-edge management options, including new antidote therapies and advanced treatment modalities for critically ill poisoned patients.

  • Understand emerging trends in drugs of abuse and new approaches to the management of patients with substance use disorders.

  • Review chemical and radiological threats and approaches to CBRN victim initial management and stabilization.

Length of Course: 19h 40m 

Registration includes:

  • 90-day access to the course from date of purchase

  • Access to all lectures and slides in all three sections of the Total Tox Course (Pharmaceuticals, Substance Use & Emergency Preparedness, and Non-Pharmaceuticals)

  • 3 Pre/Post Tests

  • 3 Downloadable Certificates of Completion

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    • America's Poison Centers (APC)
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Once you have completed your registration:

  1. Click on the Contents tab for whichever section you would like to start.

  2. Complete Pre-Test. This test is purely to assess your baseline knowledge of the topic. You will take the same test again at the end of the course and compare your scores to assess your learning.

  3. Watch all lectures and case discussion. Learners will be required to watch at least 3/4 of the video before it will be marked as complete.

  4. Complete Post-Test. Learners will have unlimited attempts and the test requires seven points to pass. Compare your post-test to your pre-test to assess your learning.

  5. Complete Event Survey. If Learners have purchased CE, they will be required to complete this survey in order to receive their CE.

  6. Download Certificate of Completion. This certificate is not a record for Continuing Education, this is a record of your completion of this section only. You will be able to download the certificate until your course registrations expires.

  7. Begin the next section, following steps 2-6 until all sections are complete.

If you have purchased CE: Learners will need to navigate to their separately purchased CE to complete the final steps to obtain their CE certificate.

Need Assistance or Have Questions?

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Continuing Education

Continuing Education credits are available for an additional fee. Available CE credits include: Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE), and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE). Save $25 by purchasing CE for all 3 sections of the ACMT Total Tox Course at the same time!

The On-Demand Total Tox Course offers a maximum of 18.75 CE credits along the following breakdown:

  • 6.0 CE - Pharmaceuticals Sections

  • 6.0 CE - Substance Use & Emergency Preparedness Section

  • 6.75 CE - Non-Pharmaceuticals Section

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Refunds and Cancellations

For questions regarding our refund and cancellation policy, please email us at events@acmt.net.