National Grand Rounds - June 2021

National Grand Rounds - June 2021

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Delirium from a Toxicological Perspective

Presenter: Dr. Arjen Slooter, MD, PhD, Professor of Intensive Care Neuropsychiatry, UMC Utrecht Brain Center, Utrecht University

Learning Objectives:

  • To apply correct terminology.
  • To have insight into delirium pathophysiology.
  • To know principles of detection of delirium.
  • To learn how to prevent and treat delirium.

Series Moderator: Nicholas E. Nacca, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

About The Series: ACMT's Grand Rounds offer an in-depth and interactive platform for learning and discussion about issues that impact the research and practice of medical toxicology. Experts from within and outside medical toxicology will share their knowledge and experience and highlight areas for collaboration and mutual understanding.

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National Grand Rounds - June 2021
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Open to view video.