National Grand Rounds - June 2020

National Grand Rounds - June 2020

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Psychedelic Drugs in the 21st Century: Tuning in to New Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Silvia J. Franco Corso, MD, Mount Sinai Morningside PGY4, Incoming Addiction Psychiatry Fellow, Columbia NYSPI

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the rise of psychedelic drugs in the U.S and the early proponents' broad claims for their capacity to expand the mind and consciousness.
  • Describe the modern re-emergence of these drugs and new insights about their posited mechanisms of action.
  • Explore the psychological effects, such as enhancing mindfulness, that may play a role in their therapeutic effects.
  • Obtain an overview of clinical trials using Psychedelics in psychiatry, with a focus on substance use disorders.
  • Gain familiarity with risks, side effects, challenges and future directions of psychedelic therapy.

Series Moderator: Nicholas E. Nacca, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY

About The Series: ACMT's Grand Rounds offer an in-depth and interactive platform for learning and discussion about issues that impact the research and practice of medical toxicology. Experts from within and outside medical toxicology will share their knowledge and experience and highlight areas for collaboration and mutual understanding.

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National Case Conference - June 2020
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Open to view video.