Pathways to Building and Sustaining a Medical Toxicology Practice is a one-day (8-hour) virtual workshop on the variety of pathways available for establishing and maintaining a satisfying career in the field of medical toxicology.

Led by experienced active medical toxicologists from a variety of practice settings, this workshop features panel discussions comparing the most common hospital-based, non-hospital-based, and non-clinical practice models, plus presentations on additional topics of interest, including adding addiction medicine services to a medical toxicology practice, hints and tips for contract negotiation, the basics of medical billing and coding, and the need for additional research on medical toxicology practice.


Pathways to Building and Sustaining a Medical Toxicology Practice - On-Demand
On-Demand Course

Learning Objectives

  • Outline opportunities for a lifelong career practicing medical toxicology
  • Identify revenue streams for working as a medical toxicologist
  • Understand how to get out of the emergency department and earn a living as a medical toxicology subspecialist
  • Describe additional pathways to expand current medical toxicology practice
  • Identify new and emerging roles for medical toxicologists in the field of addiction medicine, telehealth, government/public health, and industry
  • Illustrate techniques for negotiating your time (FTE) with your Chair and Administrators
  • Describe how to incorporate forensic consulting into your medical toxicology practice

Target Audience

The course is an excellent opportunity for all medical toxicologists, including fellows, recent graduates, and others with an interest in expanding their medical toxicology practice.