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National Grand Rounds - October 2022
Cannabis Regulations
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - October 2022
Topic to be announced.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - September 2022
Pain Control and Opioid Use Disorder
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - August 2022
Alcohol and Sedative Dependence - Detoxification and Monitoring
2022 ACMT Board Review Course - On Demand
Prepare for your MedTox Board Exam with ACMT
ACMT Highlights Tox-in-Ten: Episode 39
ACMT members Gillian Beauchamp, MD, and Elizabeth (Elissa) Moore, DO deliver evidence-based medical toxicology core content and trending topics in easily digestible bites. Visit and follow on Twitter @toxinten.
National Journal Club - July 2022
This month's topic is Cannabis and the Effects on Driving. The articles will be reviewed by the Rutgers Program in Medical Toxicology and led by Drs. Christopher Meaden and Howard Greller.
National Case Conference - May 2022
1. A 2-year-old child eats some midwinter buds and presents to the emergency department with nausea and vomiting. 2. A 59-year-old woman comes to the ED from an urgent care center with several days of hematuria and intermittent epistaxis. The bleeding does not resolve with oxymetazoline or nasal packing. 3. A 32-year-old woman with a history of diabetes and opioid use disorder develops sudden onset respiratory distress while awaiting placement into an inpatient treatment program.
National Journal Club - May 2022
This month's topic is Carnitine in Valproic Acid Poisoning. The articles will be reviewed by the Indiana University program, led by Dr. Louise Kao.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - May 2022
Delta 8, Delta 10 and the 'Grey Market' of Cannabinoids
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - April 2022
Stimulants and Stimulant Use Disorder Level of Care, Confidentiality, and Clinical Conundrums
National Journal Club - March 2022
This month's topic is Opioid Overdose and Naltrexone. The articles will be reviewed by the Washington University School of Medicine Program in Medical Toxicology, led by Dr. Evan Schwarz.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - March 2022
Addicted, Dying and in Pain: Who Cares? The Blurry Intersection of Addiction Medicine, Palliative Care, and Pain Medicine
National Grand Rounds - February 2022
Gone to Pot? The Complex Relationship between Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Psychosis
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - February 2022
Alcohol Withdrawal on a Continuum - Protocol & Discussion for Two Different Levels of Care
National Case Conference - January 2022
1. An 18-year-old female presents with posturing and seizure activity after a suspected overdose of her medication. She was last seen normal 2 hours prior to arrival. 2. A 2-year-old child presents with painless hematuria after a recent case of acute otitis media. The father noticed blood while changing the child’s diaper. Initial vital signs were unremarkable. 3. An 18-year-old woman presents with progressive metabolic acidosis and develops cardiovascular collapse several hours after a medication overdose.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - January 2022
Naloxone – How much is too much? Myths & Misperceptions Discussed
National Case Conference - December 2021
1. A 40-year-old woman with a history of fentanyl use now on methadone adamantly denies relapsing despite positive LC/MS confirmatory testing for fentanyl. 2. An elderly woman with ALS is found down surrounded in her own vomit and presents to the hospital with increasing oxygen requirements. 3. A 45 year-old male military veteran presented to a specialty dyspnea clinic with ongoing dyspnea on exertion and hypoxia unexplained despite an extensive workup.
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - December 2021
Update in Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) and Drug Adulteration - Case Discussion
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - November 2021
Ethical Issues & Harm Reduction Models for Alcohol Use Disorder
Addiction Toxicology Case Conference - October 2021
Not Your Common Withdrawal Syndromes